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Neumann, M.; Osenberg, M.; Hilger, A.; Franzen, D.; Turek, T.; Manke, I.; Schmidt, V.
On a pluri-Gaussian model for three-phase microstructures, with applications to 3D image data of gas-diffusion electrodes
Computational Materials Science 156 (2019) 325-331


Botz, A.; Clausmeyer, J.; Öhl, D.; Tarnev, T.; Franzen, D.; Turek, T.; Schuhmann, W.
Local Activities of Hydroxide and Water Determine the Operation of Ag‐Based Oxygen Depolarized Cathodes
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. (2018) 12285-12289

Kunz, P.; Hassanizadeh, S. M.; Nieken, U.
A Two-Phase SPH Model for Dynamic Contact Angles Including Fluid–Solid Interactions at the Contact Line
Transp Porous Med 122 (2018) 253–277

Öhl, D.; Clausmeyer, J.; Barwe, S.; Botz, A.; Schuhmann, W.
Oxygen Reduction Activity and Reversible Deactivation of Single Silver Nanoparticles during Particle Adsorption Events
ChemElectroChem 5 (2018) 1886-1890



Clausmeyer, J.; Botz, A.; Öhl, D.; Schuhmann, W.
The oxygen reduction reaction at the three-phase boundary: nanoelectrodes modified with Ag nanoclusters
Faraday Discuss. 193 (2016) 241-250


Schröder, D.; Arlt, T.; Krewer, U.; Manke, I.

Analyzing Transport Paths in the Air Electrode of a Zinc Air Battery using X-ray Tomography

Electrochemistry Communications 40 (2014) 88-91



Zielke, L.; Hutzenlaub, T.; Wheeler, D. R.; Manke, I.; Arlt, T.; Paust, N.; Zengerle, R.; Thiele, S.

A Combination of X-ray Tomography and Carbon Binder Modeling: Reconstructing the Three Phases of LiCoO2 Li-ion Battery Cathodes

Advanced Energy Materials 4 (2014) 1301617



Vidaković-Koch, T.; Mittal, V. K.; Do, T. Q. N.; Varničić, M.; Sundmacher, K.

Application of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy for studying of enzyme kinetics

Electrochimica Acta 110 (2013) 94-104



Zeradjanin, A. R.; Ventosa, E.; Bondarenko, A. S.; Schuhmann, W.

Evaluation of the catalytic performance of gas evolving electrodes using local electrochemical noise measurements

ChemSusChem 5 (2012) 1905-1911



Dwenger, S.; Eigenberger, G.; Nieken, U.

Measurement of Capillary Pressure–Saturation Relationships Under Defined Compression Levels for Gas Diffusion Media of PEM Fuel Cells

Transport in Porous Media 91 (2012) 281-294



Wolz, A.; Zils, S.; Ruch, D.; Kotov, N.; Roth, C.; Michel, M.

Incorporation of Indium Tin Oxide Nanoparticles in PEMFC Electrodes

Advanced Energy Materials 2 (2012) 569-574



Moussallem, I.; Pinnow, S.; Turek, T.

Development of high-performance silver-based gas-diffusion electrodes for chlor-alkali electrolysis with oxygen depolarized cathodes

Chemical Engineering & Processing: Process Intensification 52 (2012) 125-131



Pinnow, S.; Chavan, N.; Turek, T.

Thin-film flooded agglomerate model for silver-based oxygen depolarized cathodes

Journal of Applied Electrochemistry 41 (2011) 1053-1064



Markötter, H., Manke, I.; Krüger, P.; Haußmann, J.; Klages, M.; Arlt, T.; Riesemeier, H.; Hartnig, C.; Scholta, J.; Banhart, J.

Investigation of 3D water transport paths in gas diffusion layers by combined in-situ X-ray radiography and tomography

Electrochemistry Communications 13 (2011) 1001-1004



Keller, F.; Nieken, U.

Application of Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics to Structure Formation in Chemical Engineering, Meshfree Methods for Partial Differential Equations V




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