Subproject 3

Manufacturing and characterization of specifically tailored electrodes as model systems

In the second funding period, the Chair of Electrochemical Process Engineering at the University of Bayreuth (UBT) will develop specifically tailored Ag-based model electrodes for the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2RR) with a focus on particle size and morphology. It is the aim of the project to transfer the knowledge gained from these model electrodes regarding the effect of structural features on product selectivity to the gas diffusion electrodes for industrial use at relevant current densities. Together with the development of in-operando cells used in collaboration with HZB in synchrotron and neutron radiography and tomography, the project will give insights in the kinetics of CO2 reduction at silver surfaces and detect the penetration of the liquid electrolyte into the pore system containing hydrophilic and hydrophobic components (presently focused on highly alkaline ORR).

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